Saturday, May 26, 2012


bidibidi, alvin, christine, kristian
for this weekend, i am grateful for:

56. the warmth of friendship,
one that crosses the borderlines and limits of age.  
and one that makes the age numbers mix and mingle and have fun all the same.  bwahahaha!

57. the mystery of instant recognition,
among kindred spirits, in the arts and in passions.  one that creates bonds and linkages and hits it off like lifetimes were shared, but not yet.

58. my own upfront courage,

to show up and expose, come up bare and naked, 
letting words of a stranger strip me of pride and fill me up instead with hope.

thank you for the obvious gifts and the ones hidden and waiting to be discovered. 

thank you for letting me discover the gifts in me.  ilysm!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, May 20, 2012

greenest green

the may rains have made my farm bloom right in front of me.  i have never seen greener than green than now.  bwahahaha!  and i love green!  i have blue blood runnin' down my veins, but i have the greenest thoughts.  bwahahaha!
for this weekend, i am grateful for the trees that line my path of life - for they bear fruit and flower and leaf.
for the peace in the stillness of knowing that he is god and i am not.
for even when my faith is shaken, it never shatters.

thank you for one lovely tree in my yard of life, one that gives me the most strength and joy.  ilysm!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, May 14, 2012

we will make art

the turugbasi arts camp 2012 students with teachers:  paulix, bidibidi, OsacnaB
as the art sessions and art exercises end, as the glitz and glamour of the arts exhibit opening settle right behind me, it feels big and brave to write down a list of goals under the heading ART.  
OsacnaB's nephews & neices admire the artworks

Hannah shows her art pieces to cousins Steff & Ian
and next month comes with a gumption-filled heart, and i look at our students with wide eyes and see the biggest glimmer of hope!
mother & daughter:  jeanette & lui


paul aventhur
patricia with her brother Carlos
i tend to dream big but live small.  it is not always everyday that i dream, but for each and every time hope shines, i dream.  and yesterday, during the exhibit opening, i was looking at hope like it was the recent occurrence of the supermoon!  bwahahaha!
the students:  ethan, chelsea, lance, aventhur, hannah, bimboy, moira, johann, monica, patricia, lui,(james & john not in the pic)
it feels brave and right, because i get a glimpse of a potential (well, make it a lot of potentials), and i dare to believe in the force that can do big things through me and one lovely person, of course.
grandparents of art students

teacher bidibidi with lilet manauis - james & john's mom

sarah - moira & bimboy's mom
bimbo gives a parent's impression
but then, sometimes, things and people barge in, ruining all the good intentions.  and so sometimes i find myself settle.  
paulix on the meaning of turugbasi
it is also because there is fear in art.  but if i live to avoid the fear, i miss the art, too.
OsacnaB presented the goals and plans of burikbutikan artists collective for the young artists of baao & the rinconada area.
 there's always fear in me, but when the art institute dream emerged, fear is not the dark kind with big teeth.  the fear was big, but the art was bigger. 
bidibidi manages the farm/studio and the gallery
and i would not be anywhere else.  and of course, neither would you, right, one lovely person?  bwahahaha!!

ps.  thank you for making life colourful!  ilysm!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, May 13, 2012

55. growth

i was praying for a rainy may, but some other plans are in store for me.  bwahahaha!  he knows best, i know.  bwahahaha!  
for this weekend, i am thankful for:  
55.  growth
for seeing how the grass always grow greener right where i point the water hose and that can be right under my feet.
and when i frame things up in a certain way,  the unwanted weeds can be this ridiculously wondrous blooms.
for my joy-focused  growth!

photo credits:  OsacnaB

ps. thank you for opening my eyes wider, so that i see more beauty and experience more joy in the simplest of things.  ilysm! ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, May 11, 2012

54. spaces

it is friday, i cannot wait for sunday for this.  i noticed, these past few days, i have been way ahead of schedule.  bwahahaha!  what a grace!
last night, oh well, this early morning, just around three am, i was having some bad alone moments, and i did not know what to do, much less who to poke.  so i wallowed in sadness, self-pity and despair, for a while, until a miracle happened.  i am ernst.
for this my fab friday, 
i am grateful for seeing that something always comes to fill the empty places.
for making spaces and realizing not to be afraid of empty places - 
for letting in all the moments and be this empty vessel,
sure of the coming filling. . .
allowing the self to find, and make, and be the empty space. . . for only then can filling happen.
life is good, also with the alone moments. 

and ilysm!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


i plow through the day, head down, eyes shut tight, hands busy, heart pounding.  my prayers are mostly talking and my heart is mostly longing for something, or maybe someone. . .
sometimes, i still find myself yearning for a shared cuppa, at the end of a day, the warmth of a touch. . .
i catch myself craving for something other than a fast-paced life.  and i do not even have one of those typically stressful job, one like a brain surgeon or president.  i am a simple farmer with a simple dream.  bwahahaha!

most of the time, i consider the gifts hiding in secret but wide-open places.  and when i do, you slow me down and invite me into yourself.

these gifts are not you but they are evidence of the mystery.  what can i do but see them, pick them up, turn them over and unwrap them?
this life is bursting with mystery.  and i find that gifts point to the giver.  and in my curious longing, i do not really mind what season i might be in.  i do not wave away that deep desire for more. . .
i submit. . .
thank you for all the colours!  ilysm!  ♥ ♥ ♥