Monday, August 4, 2014

languid and lethargic

it was a languid, rather lethargic weekend as i wanted it to be, brings to mind this thought:  i can make things happen, if i want it hard enough. bwahahaha!
for the weekend that just passed, i wanted some time to think things over, things and people in my life, and guess what, i did just that, amidst the silk squares that got wet during the recent typhoon, and now am ironing for a lovely project in mind, and in between my weekend conversation with my nephew kim who just celebrated his 20th, and came to thank me for my simple gift for him and neil, 19.  it was, indeed, a lazy weekend, just what i had in mind to begin with, but definitely one that made me come out of it more whole and more resolved in some things and some persons.
and these i know for sure:

old truths find ways to be discovered, to be known.  and we had time to talk about it, kim and i. we talked about mama a  lot, maybe it was because the recent devastation brought to mind how i would just be carefree, even during a typhoon, when mama was still with us.  i could not care less about repairs and replacements. now, i guess, is my turn and i realize now more than ever, how difficult it must have been for her.
i have new eyes to see old loves. sometimes, i fall prey to the lure of newbies.  a lot of us do.  but this weekend, i know my old loves are here to stay for the long haul, and it is such a relief!  bwahahaha!
and my soul, aaaahhh, my soul, it grasped and recognized some peace amidst the chaos, gladness and delight when i feel small (figurative. bwahahaha!) and quiet and calm in the presence of my loves.

thank you!