Friday, February 5, 2010

looking up from under a tree

i do have a bit of a fascination for trees,

which is not surprising,

considering that i am a rural woman.

how i like leaves and twigs,

and how much i love the green. . .
but the form of the tree
is stunning to really look at,
especially from under it.

whenever i see a tree,

i just can’t help be in awe.

and when i am under one,
i look up

and want to reach out, fly and look from its crown. . .

all i can do now is capture its beauty. . .
its immensity, its sheer size humbles me. . .
i embrace every tree i see, its majesty.

when i was little i used to draw trees quite a lot:
trunks, leaves and twigs.
i had limited sorts of trees to see then.
travel and experience
have let me see lots of trees,
and how i marvel at each one’s grandeur.

as i walk along a path of trees. . .
or a path of absence,
i recite quietly,
sometimes without a sound at all,
or if am alone, or think i am, screamingly. . .
the poem that says it all for me. . .