Saturday, October 31, 2009

happiness - i make my own

on occasions, happiness comes easily and unexpectedly
sometimes, it’s very elusive. . .

like a fluttering butterfly
or a magical starfish wandering by in the sea water.

it’s not always easy to catch sight of it
. . .often eludes you;

but if i am unrelenting, i just might catch a glimpse of it. . .

flitting, floating, drifting, roving. . ..

i know people who just don’t want to be happy.

they dwell in an abyss of confusion, uncertainty, ambiguity. . .
sadness, sorrow and perpetual discord with themselves;

and they blame their unhappiness on someone or everyone else.
sometimes their toxic and venomous behavior and words are like poison to the happiness of others as well.

each of us has a responsibility to ourselves to make our own happiness.
to that end, i recite this mantra. . .
a gentle reminder for a little lift.

because, i and only i, am responsible for making my own happiness; i must lift up my head, lift up my spirits and make a commitment to myself to enhance my own happiness each and every day.

i make my own happiness - a mantra

i make my own happiness.
only i am responsible for my own happiness.
i am committed to being happy.

i am the keeper of my laughter.
i can let it out or bottle it up inside.

i am the creator of my own joy.
i can allow myself to experience it or to stifle it.

i am the designer of my own fun.
i can bring the fun with me or leave it at home.

i am open to true love.
i can keep my heart unguarded or refuse to take a chance.

i control my expectations.
i can expect less and enjoy more or expect more and enjoy less.

i keep an open mind about life and new experiences.
i can be a flexible thinker or narrow-minded and bored by the status quo.

i am willing to share it with people who appreciate an environment of happiness.
i am also willing to walk toward the sunshine alone if they refuse to see its brightness.

it is my protection, my barrier, my shield, my salvation.
i enable myself to appreciate the ability to simply experience happiness.

i make my own happiness.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

this past visit @ La Huerta

i have been so busy these past few weeks,
and i have not been to my farm, as a result.
i even missed the harvests of the peppers,

the pumpkins,

the lettuces, the beans

and the tomatoes.

oh, my! those are the things that i love doing the most – harvesting. . .
and trying to decipher the mystery of nature in the beauty of a harvest. . .
what has come between us?

so, it was a pleasant surprise to have a friend who came for a visit.

la huerta has become my venue for entertaining visiting family and friends.

the farm ambiance is still unparalleled

and the sumptuous meals served by virgie is definitely a knockout.

it still feels great to walk the paths of la huerta.

now, there are more new paths. where there once was only Rosario’s path,

now there are a few unnamed treks.

and there is still much beauty to be found.

i have always been a firm believer that a well-planned landscape is one that looks great all time of the year,
and this is what i did at the farm.

the visit was short and brief but the changes i noticed at the landscape,
as a result of the seasons,
reflect clearly my belief.

and i walked all the paths of la huerta,
both old and new
and they all lead to my dear old balinese hut –

where life stories are told. . .