Friday, November 26, 2010

blues and grays

i will NOT complain that we’ve had several rainy and gray days in a row – i am deeply grateful for every blessed raindrop that is sinking into our parched land

and helping to refill our lakes, rivers, streams, and reservoirs. you know i am.
still saddled though with the fatigue of having to stay a full week in the city and forced to work again, for yet another trip and stay, there,

i’ve spent only a few minutes fighting the fogginess inside and out by. . .
drawing, designing.
and then painting. . .
nothing cheers me up more than dipping my old paint brushes into my watercolour palettes.

somehow the grays and blues let me see the greens.

and life is good! and colourful! bwahahaha!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


you know am in a rush when i have not blogged for the longest time.

i thought living in my hometown, Baao, a laid back, rural, agricultural town south of Luzon, here in the Philippines, would give me the luxury of taking it slow. . . well, it did, at first.

now, looking back at the time i re-settled back here in my hometown, Baao, i could only gape in disbelief! now, it seems like i can also be in a rush. . . which brings me to this moment of reflection. what have i done? what have i brought upon myself?

this week was a blur. i have not taken off a day. rushed with my F.A.R.M. stocks for the OLIF Trade Fair in Manila, wishing nights were days so i can have my workers, sewers make my F.A.R.M. things for me. lugged hither and yon. exhausted by Friday night, i fed myself all the carbs i can get my hands on and be angry later. bwahahaha. there is always time to be sorry and make up for gained weight. bwahahaha.

like Santa, it is very busy here in, getting ready for fairs and Christmas sales. i am working my heads off, my shoppe looks like it was in a button storm, and notion blizzard. lunches and dinners are spent in a whiz, but who is minding? certainly not Santa nor the elves, nor the reindeer. because busy is good!

and the end is in sight: everything will be for the F.A.R.M. Shoppe and Fairs. afterall, Christmas is a season, that is my fave.

so, am i minding that i still live a rushed life once in a while, in the slow, laid back, rural, agricultural hometown of Baao? naah! ilovette!