Wednesday, March 20, 2013

joy is in the way i think and thank

when a day gets caught in my teeth like a piece of gumbo, the crazy thing is i could dare to laugh - it gets unstuck.  i know how it goes -  laugh or die.  a joyful heart is a good medicine, not just a good platitude.
sometimes, i take myself so seriously, i realize now that i could dare to take myself as beloved.  
i came to appreciate that my joy is not a function of what happens to me in a day or in a moment, but that it is in what i think.  joy is a meaning of how i thank.
so everyday, i dare to be brilliant - i seek the light in everything.  and i dare to believe joy is rebellious, just like me:  it goes straight against the way this dark world spins.  bwahahaha!
i always have the nerve to give big because that is the only way i know how to live big.  literal?  naahhh,  figurative.  bwahahaha!
often, i have the cheek not to quit when i am tired, but i dare to quit when i am done.  i just do it, because that is how i get things done.  i dare to regularly stop the work of my hands and offer The Force my knees, because i believe He can do more than me.  He is The Force, for crying out loud!  bwahahaha!
i always declare to be grateful for every good thing, and speak out to proclaim:  life is good!  i know it is all good!
and learned to live without answers because i know my life is in good hands.  i live by faith - not by feelings, formulas, facts or fences.
afterall, if i have faith, i must know nothing is impossible. bwahahaha!

thank you the colours and the photographs.  bwahahaha!  ♥ ♥ ♥