Friday, January 7, 2011

Indulge! Celebrate!

i make every day, and every occasion, a reason to celebrate – that is my maxim! there is so much to celebrate in my life, and i am sure in yours, too – a harvest, like when i make my fingers green from harvesting my tomatoes, there is no more literal translation for having green thumbs, the green stain on my hands, and the smell of ripe tomatoes, ahhh. . .

an unexpected find at the farm, imagine my delight when i found this beauty,

so innocently creeping upon my bamboo fence, i don’t even know its name, and i may never do, but it was truly a case of love at first sight. . . any vintage find is a reason to celebrate, too, especially when it comes boxed, and travelled the seven seas to your doorstep, bwahahaha!

and for this year’s christmas, i celebrate ageless beauty and timeless friendships. . . with petals and pearls.

i have long learned a perfect dictum in celebrating and been practicing it as often as i can – Indulge! and that is exactly what we did! bwahahaha!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

a happy new year

the number certainly is unfamiliar, at least right now. it will not be in a week’s time. it definitely lacks the alliteration that 2010 has. one has to make the tongue muscle move from the back of the teeth to the back of the throat too quickly, when you say it, now, say it – twen-tee-ee-lev-in. you know what i mean, right? and a few mistakes on writing the date will have to happen, it always does when a new year comes – very ordinary. it takes at least one to four weeks to adapt to it. so, i think the banks are used to getting checks with mucked up and initialled dates.

transition periods are important. i don't believe it is necessary to blow horns and wear party hats, stay up late, or brave the blasts and crowds, but it is important to recognize the passage of time and most importantly, the beauty of a blank year, like a blank canvass, in its new freshness, inky black nights, wind-swept days, and bright sunshine bouncing off dew-covered leaves dripping with promise.

whatever your circumstances, the new year brings the same opportunity for renewal. and that is what i love most about having to celebrate new year!

i am not one for formal resolutions nor do i pretend that this will be the year that i shed 15 pounds, power walk 5 miles a day, and finally stay on top of all my work (though i hope so). i do not make promises to read one hundred books or or do a painting a day or learn to cook paella, though wouldn't it be lovely if i did?

that is what the new year brings: unlimited optimism, hope, opportunity, dreams, fanciful wishes, and ordinary days. . . oh how i love ordinary days. . .

this wonderful blank year, a gift from the Force, the beginning of a new decade.

this wonderful blank year filled with daybreak sun on my eyes through the capiz windows and ficus-covered sight, each morning,chirping birds. . .

occasional horn of the harassed bus or pedicab drivers,

yellow irises and pots of espadas by the front stairway,

the unhurried steps to my shoppe, where the aroma of coffee awakens my senses, with my breakfast ready on my studio table, the drive to my heaven, my paradise, on my old, dilapidated farm vehicle,

the smell of new cut grass, and newly harvested bidibidi tomatoes, my friends’ statuses on fb, occasional fine dining with the Sisters and of course, the regular bus trips to Naga for my dose of Starbucks. . .

and certainly, a lot of beautiful stories waiting to be told. . .how wonderful it is to have a new year!