Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry christmas!

i started a tradition this year, a farm family party.

i have long been comfy with my reality – fun sans fam. and somehow, fate always had to meddle in my affairs so that now, i have my own, and a large one at that – my farm fam.

it was a simple gathering and everyone was involved.

from preparing the menu, going to the market and cooking,

from making a short program, to actually doing the dances,

singing the songs, wrapping and giving out the gifts.

and i received some wonderful gifts, too! oh my! my fam definitely knows me – and gives me, only the gifts i want. how lucky can i be?

nico, jam and manilyn – who makes my coffee and tea everyday; coffee at breakfast, tea before bedtime, in that particular order – has one beautiful coffee mug for me.

marilyn, lalaine, france and jr must have gotten an inside info on my current collecting spree and gave me a red antique earthen jar – certainly a vessel i want!

and to make matters better, my godchildren elena and her husband, sent me a huge box, wrapped in festive paper! and guess what i got? an antique earthen water jug, with the metal spout still working.

wow, who had been spreading the news that i am so into this? must be some santa. bwahahaha! delegating his job!

of course, who could know me more than my La Huerta family: virgie, inggay, jen, sandy, jason, eboy, gerald and mark? nobody. and the best utilitarian gift i got this Christmas, is a huge pot for cooking rice for my huge farm family! now, that was being so thoughtful.

and just like any other time that i receive an act of kindness and generosity, i was bawling my eyes out when i got back to my room at the villa. i had to close my doors and enjoy this fleeting moment of being appreciated, and loved. and being the matriarch that i am, i had to make sure, my farm fam didn’t see this moment of weakness, vulnerability. bwahahaha!

now who says that my reality sucks? bwahahaha!