Sunday, June 28, 2015


my fave colour has always been blue, not that i do not like the other hues, oh my, i love the entire palette.  but again, i must say, my fave colour has always been blue.
for this weekend, i have these thoughts on blue:
may the blues of clear skies appear to meet me in the morn, from the pale salt of the eastern sea to the cerulean depths of the western night.

may i not be afraid to dive into the deep cold waters of not knowing. when the initial stun feels like too much, may i soon adjust to the change and be enlivened with oomphn and hope!

may i see the blues of summer as a necessary detail to the learnings am willing to take.  

may i be willing to take all.

Monday, June 8, 2015

let the weekend end the week

for the weekend that just passed, i let it do what it must - end the week.  and my sunday fun and reverie make me reflect on the joys, the losses, the conversations and the everyday routines i have just lived through.  
i learn, almost always, that i only have to keep what i need from them and leave the rest gently in the past.

and as my first embroidery and sewing session with creative women come to pass, i let the sunday take a rest.  

i look forward with courage towards the week to come, my arms open to all that it might have to offer, trusting the future into the hands of the force that be.
life is good!