Sunday, October 12, 2014

soul space

after the july typhoon, i closed the farm to mean that i will not be entertaining guests unless and until my farm has fully recovered and is fully repaired, as according to my definition of the two words:  recover and repair.
but i had this challenge to break my word or not, when i got a call from mylene of dti when she told me a group of businessmen and agency representatives from tarlac are coming to visit my farm and my enterprise.  to delay giving an answer, i told mylene i will have to check my calendar and see if i am free on the set date, 10 october.  i knew that date to be just a day or two from a national trade fair i would be joining, so i was thinking, i may not have the energy to be the gracious host that i am (bwahahaha!), giving me a perfect excuse to reject.  but i did not.  i had this urging thought that i might as well brave it and show what the typhoon has done to my farm and what this spirit has done with the aftermath. bwahahaha!  so i said yes!

it was a great experience, both for me and my guests (my guests said so!  bwahahaha!)  after the farm tour, we went to my gallery, Cafe des Artes and my artisanal shop, The F.A.R.M. Shoppe.

for this weekend, i know these for sure:  all my questions, my insecurities, my doubts and my disabilities are all hidden in your love.  i dread not the small beginnings, the little impacts the slow results.  rather, i stretch myself out into the fullest shape of myself, your image.  
life is good!  and i am grateful everyday!