Thursday, April 15, 2010

@ 47

i live one colorful LIFE

my mission in life is
to create. . .
express. . .
and inspire. . .

when i was a little girl my mother told me
that the people in the hospital where she delivered,
would always be around me,
pinching me to tears and saying i would live

a colorful life.

now, that was an understatement!
and Ma didn’t know any better.
and i think i decided to do just that.
restless spirit as I AM,
i always have my hands on something creative.
i love life.
i love the creative process.
i love to play.

earlier on,
i used to think that we were born to work hard
and should feel lucky when something good happened.
thanks to my commitment to growth
and mindful living,
i found out that we do create our own reality. . .
sure, we can "catch" a common belief
and live to prove that it is true.
but we also can decide differently.

you see,
we all make up rules about our own lives
and how they work.
this is what i choose to believe and live by.
not so many years ago i came to a realization of the importance of listening.
i found this to be one of the most simple
yet profound ways to conscious living.
how this made me the perfect listener to life stories
is simply amazing:
laughter mingles with tears in the process.

so. . .

i celebrate my birthday.

i am 47!
and there is a lot i am looking forward to!
how do i want to live?
what is in my heart?
any dreams still on my to-do list? there are plenty!.

i hope to live another 100 years
to taste everything i want to taste
and express the richness of my soul.

my experience is that if there is a dream in my heart
i should ( and i really mean it) go for it!
it brings me alive!
the dream itself carries a guaranty for success.
i am never too old for any unexpressed desires.
if i am really too old ( i can't believe i wrote this),
the dream will leave me.
i know this intuitively.
i believe nothing is impossible.
everything is possible!
and all suppressed dreams create just an energy leak.

if i find myself a bit down, or with no energy. . .
i ask myself what i still want that i believe i cannot have/be?

i honor the spirit in me.
i support my dreams.
and i never compromise on my heart's desires
and i stay outrageously ALIVE!

and today, as every day,
i reinforce what i already believe:
the world is my playground
and my life is a whole long vacation.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

i dream @ Starbuck's

the idea was really simple!
when i saw those bags of spent coffee grounds
on the lowest shelf at Starbuck’s about 8 years ago,

i knew i found my brew.

and i am sure,
green thumbs like me
who also realized the wisdom of this simple idea
got stimulated
and joined the java jolt
that i can only get from Starbuck’s.

i have tried to live an eco-friendly life and always try to patronize corps

that are active in their environmental responsibilities in the communities where they do their business,

and i see that in Starbuck's.and even when am not enjoying a cup @ Starbuck's, I still collect my spent coffee grounds and use them to fertilize my greens,

after all, i am an outstanding rural woman & i epitomize the green thumbed life.
what do i get from doing this?
well, i do not only talk, i also act.
most of the time, i do small deeds for my big dreams.
my dreams are huge!

and i intend to see them come true, maybe not in a big way, but in my own ‘huge’ way.

i am a visionary. i see a possible eden everywhere!