Thursday, March 17, 2011

my not so ordinary thursday

someone has given me a small, colourful journal for my writing, so i have been taking it with me, to record that fleeting thought or idea. as i write in it, i realize it has become a catalogue of blessings.

today, for instance, i woke up to the chirping of the birds by my upstairs bedroom, the windows covered with an overgrown ficus that is host to a number of local avian creatures, who, religiously chirp their way into my morning. as i hear their sweet sound, i somehow rise from my warm bed and walk gingerly towards the mirror, and slowly open my eyes to see the first smile of the day – my own. i tiptoe my way around the bed and feel for my slippers, blinkless, afraid my movement would scare my morning friends away, and make me miss their music. and this is just in the wee hour of my thursday morning.

i brave the cold shower with my own regimen of kickboxing and a repertoire of unfinished tunes. as soon as i get out drippin’ wet, i wrap myself with my luxe towel and my outfit for the day arranged neatly on my bed, is ready for the wearing. i occasionally take a glimpse at the mirror, to check if i like what i see – of, course, i always do. bwahahaha!

my coffee and breakfast await at my shoppe, the aroma starts to tease my senses from the first step down the staircase at the front of my villa. i savor every morsel and sip my bev to the last drop. . .that should start my day right and it always does. . .always.

and the list of people i meet for the day includes, Doris, from the Dept of Agriculture, who brings the invoice ready for my signature, to receive one unit of STW for La Huerta. the note on the paper says, “transfer without cost”, now, that is truly a valuable blessing! i cannot help make a planting calendar for the remaining of the year, in my mind, and it stretches to the next year, making me feel i am the superfarmer! bwahahaha! people to thank: RED Dayao, Gigi, Rose, Glo, Cora, Arlene, of course, my allies Mon and Vincent.

by the time the day stretches to noon, i spend time to confer with Mm Edna, Mm. Minnie and Jay of the DTI, who surprised me with another array of good tidings! wow! my town, my people, had been eyed to embroider – do what they love doing!

i was actually speechless, engulfed with gratitude, and it would have been so corny if i bawled my eyes out there, at the DTI office of the Provincial Director, and have my mascara running, and go out from the meeting looking like a smug panda. bwahahaha! it was so hard to keep cool and remain composed and keep myself from hugging Mm Edna. if i had my way and was in my room, i would be needing a box of tissues. am in the middle of one right now. . .

i walked my way to my friend Cristy’s restaurant to take my lunch, so i could have time to let this all in. . .slowly. . .when good things happen, i never ask why. i know why. . .

the afternoon creeps in and i hailed a cab to bring me to my next meeting – a reorganizational meeting for the RIC at the DA’s Provincial office nearby. i got acclaimed to the highest position and vowed to do my best for the rural women of Cam Sur.

and all these happened today, on my not so ordinary thursday. . . do i wonder what friday has in store? nah! never. . . because i know.

ps. just now i hear the rain i have been praying for, pitter-pattering against my window pane. . . quenching the thirst of my greens. . .life is good. i know. . .