Wednesday, September 24, 2008

art is. . .

the image that plays in my head, what something can be later on. . .
the anticipation that keeps me wanting to go home and get my hands working when I find a “treasure”. . .
the tender manner i take off vintage buttons off some vintage, tattered fabrics. . .
the array of bits and pieces i surround myself with when i try to create wearable art. . .
the pride of actually wearing my creation. . .
the wows I get when I am wearing my creation. . .
my life and am living it. . .

(my working table @ la huerta)

(my green butterfly)

(my rainbow of beads)

(shades of lavender - buttons bracelets)

(catching the sun on my sunny, cheerful yellow buttons bracelets)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

la huerta: farm & coffee stop

a farmer’s paradise

a showcase of good harvest
'where nutrition is always in season'
a place where technology and nature plays hand in hand
' adapting the new, embracing change'

a farm of principles and advocacies
“reduce, reuse, recycle”
"think green, live green"

a refuge, a sanctuary, a haven
for students, farmers, farmer leaders, rural & city women, women leaders, friends and family
“leading by living the example”

an artist’s hands at play

paintings of nature amidst nature
poetry amongst the greenery
music with the birds and the rustlings of the leaves
... an interplay of art and advocacy

an example of what an empowered rural woman can do

lead by living the example
teach with one's life ,
share nature’s beauty & bounty
radiate passion

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

la huerta, my life's journey

bernadette de los santos
16 september 2008

my vision. . . it is a dream,
my goal. . . a destination
or so i thought. . .

la huerta is my life's journey.
and is my child.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

la huerta: farm & coffee stop

bernadette de los santos
7 september 2008

a new face,
a new phase.

a destination,
a journey.

and the "bayanihan" spirit is still alive.

Friday, September 5, 2008

i dream

bernadette de los santos
5 sept 08

i dream of tomorrows
when i will feel your warmth,
leisurely lingering.

i dream of scenes
where my fingers are so entwined with yours
as we walk along a path of wondrous memories.

i dream of laughter
that doesn’t give way to time,
and never stops,
and stays ringing in our senses
till we succumb to the temporary.

i dream of you and me.
and no one can stop me.